Tuesday, October 17, 2006

N. KOREA SAYS ‘Sanctions = WAR”

October 17th, 2006

A statement issued by the North Korean Central News Agency may seem ominous but considering that technically the Korean war never ended and there is only a armistice agreement along the border DMZ one truly wonders what it means.

One also remembers the famous speech at the canal of another leadership when Gen. Manuel Noriega declared war on the USA and world and threatened the Panama canal.

In a week he was in jail in US prison clothes.

But North Korea is afterall if anything a armed camp. Considering 80 per cent of North Korean resources have been built up to prepare for just such a thing- there is no way one can compare the two.

If past US military victories versus built up armies - Iraq for example, which in two wars had on paper five million men under arms and yet most fled.

While any war in Korea might be dangerous - I wonder if prosperous global economic leader - China itself might get fed up and just squash the mess in North Korea and install a more open minded leadership there. It would give the PLA something to do - and test its capabilities. It could even see a US-China allaince vs. North Korea. Amazing how history changes events context when it moves on.

[] ” … “deal merciless blows” if the nation’s sovereignty is violated, the North’s central government said Tuesday in its first response to the U.N. measures. The North wants “peace but is not afraid of war,” the country’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency. …” []Wire agency reports

D eclaring war though is serrious statement to be made by a now nuclear armed state - and could just provide the very basis for action others might need to intervene. Japan and South Korea alone backed by China could effectively deal with problems the Nokors could raise if supported by the USA on a tactical level.


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