Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SMS Text Scam alert: Brunei warns

The Borneo Bulletin put out a warning versus a text and email based scam that has been victimizing residents of the Sultanate in Northern Borneo where a charity sends a message seeking information and bank details to victims.

The person gets a message saying they won in a contest and upon response seeks details or a asks for small fee to be sent to cover bank transfer expenses.

But the key warning here is this charities’ usually ask or seek donations. Most do not engage in contests or give out money. There is an old rule that states no one that something too good to be true usually is just that not true!

[] …” Beware Of New Easy Money Scam
By Kartika Rahman Bandar Seri Begawan - A conman is on the prowl offering people big money for a small fee. The scam artist apparently calls random numbers and informs them that they have won $350,000 from an American Charity Foundation. After convincing the victim, he then asks for their account number, identity card details, and a tax fee of $500.The tax fee is then requested to be sent to the association’s account in the Philippines. The public is reminded to be wary of scams that promise easy money. – Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin …” []

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